dog crate

To crate train your dog can be a long process but we recommend it in order to provide a safe place for your new puppy to sleep during the night or stay in during times you and your family are not home. The safety and security of your dog comes first and crate training helps.

To start the crate training process, you will need to choose a crate. You will need to purchase a crate large enough for your dog to enter and turn around in. You should also line the crate with blankets and plush items for your dog to relax and nap on.

Once the crate is ready, you can start training. The first step is to place a handful of dog treats or maybe a brand new chew toy right in the entrance of the crate. This will encourage your dog to place their head and mouth in the crate to eat the treats or grab the toy.

Once this step is complete, place additional treats or a new toy in the back of the crate and encourage your dog to enter the crate. Leave the door open during this step of the training.

Once your dog is willing to enter the crate, repeat this step only close the door behind your dog for 30 seconds to 1 minute each time. You should stay near the crate during this process and provide words of comfort and encouragement.

Now that your dog is OK to enter the crate and stay in it with the door closed, start increasing the amount of time you leave your dog in the crate until your dog is willing to remain in the crate for 15 minutes with you near it.

The next step is for you to leave the crate area. Repeat the previous steps with the first instance being 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then increase the time until you are able to be away from the crate for 15 minutes or longer.

The first real test will be to leave your home with your dog in the crate for 15-30 minutes. Don’t extend the time too much beyond that. If your dog masters this step of the training then he or she will start to be willing to stay in the crate overnight or for a few hours at a time while you and your family are away from home.

After Crate Training

Only use the crate for the period of time you feel it is necessary in order to ensure your dog is safe in your home and no damage will occur to your home. Once your dog is familiar with his surroundings and mature you will no longer need the crate.

How to Start Crate Training
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